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José Martínez Vidal: the origin of "O Parrulo" in Ferrol in 1958.

O Parrulo, created in 1958 by José Martínez Vidal, came about thanks to the encouragement of his aunt Rosa, who encouraged him to abandon his farm work in Irixoa to settle in her city, Ferrol.
After openinga grocery store with the unconditional support of his wife Celestina and his son Julio, and with the determination to expand, they expanded their legacy to what is now known as the restaurant.

"O Parrulo" offers specialities such as seafood, meat and fish. The current management is run by the third generation of this family, Malena and Alberto Martínez, guaranteeing a pleasant and familiar experience combining tradition and modern cuisine.

O Parrulo

The name “O Parrulo” comes from the nickname of its founder José Martínez Vidal, affectionately known as “O Parrulo”

We are located in Ferrol, the city of our origins and to which we are very proud to belong. Since our beginnings, the people of Ferrol have supported us and created the history of O Parrulo with us. 

We offer seasonal products, specialising in Galician cuisine, famous for its stew, meat, seafood and fish dishes. 

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At O Parrulo, we are pleased to be part of the distinguished “Asociación de Restaurantes de la Buena Mesa de España,” which brings together the most emblematic gastronomic establishments with extensive experience in the sector.

Being part of this select group gives us the opportunity to represent the history and dedication that characterize O Parrulo, establishing us as an undeniable reference in Spanish gastronomy.

Years of experience

Experts in our work

A prestigious winery



A story told from different perspectives, all united.

O Parrulo is more than a restaurant; it is the legacy of a family tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. I grew up watching this place become a corner where Galician flavours and family stories intertwine to offer a unique experience.

As a member of the family, this restaurant represents not only the passion for Galician gastronomy, but also the family ties we have built over the years. Every dish tells a story, and every customer becomes part of our big family.

This is treasure that has been cared for with love and dedication. From my perspective, seeing how it evolves and keeps alive the essence of traditional Galician cuisine is a source of pride. Here, the family not only shares meals, but unforgettable moments.

Being part of the family that has owned O Parrulo is a great honour. This restaurant has witnessed laughter, celebrations and special moments. For me, O Parrulo is the link that unites generations, creating a welcoming space where everyone is welcome to share the richness of the food and the warmth of the family.

A story to tell

A restaurant that has passed through three generations.

All our knowledge has been transferred from its founders, José Martínez Vidal (O Parrulo) and Celestina Martínez García, to their heirs, bringing freshness without forgetting their origins. 

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